Create the Highest, Grandest vision for your life, because you become what you Believe.

Creativity begins with Artistry…

Artistry is fueled by Passion…

Be Fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on Fire

My name is

- Diana Pombo -

and I am



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It wasn’t just all the flexibility you have, it wasn’t all the strength you have, it was the passion you put into every move.
— Jennifer Lopez
You have this truth about you that I think is really important and really rare. I felt every emotion.
— Jason Derulo
Performance, technique, choreography. creativity, presentation - you check all those boxes. You’re fantastic.

— Derek Hough
Everything that I’ve asked of dancers, about breathing, about feeling what they’re doing, you gave me.
— Nigel Lythgoe
For me, it’s all about how it feels and the passion, and you are all passion - which is a very, very good thing. Quality work!
— Ne-yo
The fact that you’re 10 years old blows me away. You’re stunning to watch, you really are.
— Paula Abdul

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